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Welcome to Mini Me Collections

We are an online boutique store offering classic and trendy matching clothes for parents and their children.

Our outfits are designed with the following in mind: Comfort, Vibrancy and Exclusivity.

We offer stylist pure cotton garments which have been made in the UK. Our store sells a limited number of garments per style which enables you and your child to stand out from the crowd. Mini Me Collections does co-ordinated outfits for mum, dad, son and daughter. 

We are different or we like to call it 'special' from other retailers for the following reasons:

  1. We pride ourselves on making excellent quality cotton garments for those special occasions
  2. We only use super skilled seamstresses that are based in the U.K
  3. We design our garments with parents and children in mind. For example, our girl's dresses are easy to put on and our mum's dresses flatter the post pregnancy bodies
  4. Our garments are not mass produced so you and your child will stand out from the crowd
  5. We offer semi bespoke options for most of the garments so that if you want sleeves or a lower/ shorten length, we can make these items for you

We hope you like our collection as much as we have loved making it. We are constantly adding to it so please stay tuned. Follow Mini Me Collections on Facebook for the latest releases and offers. 


If if you have a question about any item, please send us a message by clicking on the speech bubble at the bottom of the page and we will response immediately ( during office hours) or within a few hours.