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Designer vs Mini me collection outfits?

Do you love designer outfits but can not justify the price tag? If you are like me and love the feel of great fabric and love the fact that you will be wearing a unique piece, then Mini Me Collections could be the brand for you.

We only make a few items of each style so that we can offer exclusivity for our customers whilst not paying the high price tags for your outfits.

As I search for inspiration for future collections, I come across some designers who offer similiar collections to Mini Me Collections. That makes me think that I must be on a similiar wavelength as these fabulous designers.

Have you seen the talented Alexander McQueen's swallow collection, there are great pieces, priced from £150.00

Alexander Mcqueen Swallows Dress

Image Courtesy of

But how about our bird collections, we also love swallows:

Mini me Collections navy swallows wrap dress  

Our navy swallows wrap dress is priced at £50.

As summer is approaching there are so many lovely floral dresses for Mums and daughters. D&G offer lovely mum and daughter outfits:

This Dolce and Gabbana mummy's Hydrangea dress is gorgeous, priced at over £1,000. 


D&G women's floral dress

Image Courtesy of

Whilst Dolce and Gabbana little girl's Hydrangea-printed dress Is beautiful, priced at  £395

D&G girls dress  

 Image Courtesy of

We offer oriental floral dresses for both mum and daughter priced at £20 for the girls dress and £48 for mummy's dress. 


 Mini me Collections floral dress


 Mini me floral dress

Our lovely real life mummy and daughter models show us how stylist you can look with matching outfits for the summer. 

So has this got you thinking how many Mini me collection dresses could I buy for a designer outfit? Well... let's just say you could buy enough for a different dress every day for the whole summer. 



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